Range Information


Izaak Walton League of York


Hopewell Fish & Game Association

  • https://www.hopewellfishandgame.com

  • https://www.facebook.com/hopewellfishandgame/

  • About 400+ members

  • Has youth programs

  • Fishing pond & creek

  • Archery - practice range, 15 - 3D targets in woods, does monthly 30 - 3D target matches

  • Skeet

  • 300-yd rifle

  • Single pistol shooting bay

  • Does version of steel challenge

  • No 3-gun, No USPSA

  • Membership Info: https://www.hopewellfishandgame.com/memberships/

  • My thoughts - a much smaller club (in people, not acres) so your thoughts and input has more of an effect.  Much more family friendly and focused on kids. Archery program is fantastic.  Nice rifle & pistol range, but mainly for target shooting.  They do some matches such as groundhog shoots. Requires volunteer work to join and maintain membership.


Seitzland Rifle Club 



  • About 300 members

  • No fishing

  • No archery

  • No skeet

  • 200-yd rifle range

  • Up to 100 yd pistol range

  • Matches are all based on marksmanship - no movement

  • Membership info: Ask me, I have to send you an application that I sign as each member must be sponsored by a current member

  • My thoughts - a very small private club. You can shoot just about anytime you'd like and rarely crowded.  Opportunity to be involved and have a voice.  Does have an amazing juniors program for air rifle and .22LR marksmanship shooting.