Maryland Wear & Carry Permitting Process

If your primary goal is the Maryland Wear & Carry (W&C) Permit and a Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL), then do the W&C Permit 1st!!  This will save you $105!!


Steps for Maryland Wear & Carry

  1. This class – DONE

  2. Here is the main MSP W&C Permitting page:

  3. Get fingerprinted and background checked for W&C.  KEEP THE RECEIPT!! You’ll need the PCN number that is on it & they want a PDF copy of the receipt.

    1. I recommend Absolute Investigative Services:  (Cost: $55 – no affiliation w/ SAFE Firearms Training, just good customer service)

    2. Maryland official list of locations:

  1. Complete the online application: (Cost: $75)

    1. You’ll “Create My Account”

    2. You’ll need a passport photo – follow instructions or scan passport photo

    3. You’ll need a copy of your qualification test – this was completed and signed in class and emailed as a PDF

    4. You’ll need to explain your “Good & Substantial Reason to Carry a Firearm”.  Please contact Don if you’d like help writing yours.

    5. You’ll need copies of any supporting documentation that supports your G&S reason.

  2. Once approved, a card will be mailed to you.  It is good for 2 years.  Within those 2 years, you’ll need to complete 8 more hours of training.  The renewal application must be completed at least 90 days before the expiration date.  W&C training is valid for 2 years, so you could take your ‘refresher’ at any time after getting your card in-hand and your expiration.  Fingerprints are NOT required for renewal.  Your renewed card is good for 3 years and costs $50.

Now that you have your Maryland Wear & Carry card in-hand, apply for your Maryland Handgun Qualification License.

  1. Here is the main MSP HQL page:

  2. To apply, you’ll go to this website: and create a different account than your Wear & Carry account.

    1. Log in and click on “Initial Application”

    2. Program: Firearms Services

    3. License Type: HQL Permit Exempt

    4. Application Method: Application

    5. Click on “Start Application”

    6. At the bottom of the page, you’ll enter your Wear & Carry permit information.

    7. By doing it this way, your fingerprints, background checks and training are all ‘exempt’ because you already completed these in the Wear & Carry Permitting process.

    8. This saves you $105 - $50 from the HQL permit and $55 from Absolute ISI.

    9. This HQL permit is good for 10 years – now you can go buy a gun!!

Now you want to buy a gun!

  1. Give me a call, email or text – I’m happy to advise

  2. Call my Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

    • Don Nash


    • (410) 365-0526

    • 1826 Snydersburg Rd, Westminster, MD

    • Don will walk you through the gun buying process.  It’s tedious and takes at least 2 weeks, but Don is great to work with and will get you a great price.

If you’d like to get a Utah Non-Resident Concealed Handgun License, you can do this immediately after class.  You do NOT need to wait on Maryland.

  1. In class, we completed a Utah application.  If you’ve misplaced it, you’ll have to get a hold of me b/c I have to stamp and sign it.

  2. Follow the instructions carefully, but here are some tips.

  3. You’ll need these items:

    1. Copy of MD or PA driver’s license

    2. Fingerprint card – completed in class

    3. Photograph – completed in class

    4. Application w/ stamp – completed in class

    5. Maryland residents DO NOT need “non-resident proof of permit” as MD does not have UT reciprocity.  If you are a PA resident, then you must have a PA permit and send a copy.

    6. Cost is $63.25 for a 5 year permit.

    7. Renewals are completed online

You can also apply for non-resident concealed carry permits in the following states.  To provide the most up-to-date information, the links below are to the USCCA page which includes the process.  The only thing you’ll need from SAFE Firearms Training, LLC is a certificate showing completing of training.  This was handed out at the end of class in 2 forms.  NRA Basic Pistol Certificate and USCCA Concealed Carry Firearms Training Proof of Training Certificate.

  1. New Hampshire


  2. Arizona


  3. Florida


  4. Virginia


  5. Pennsylvania – requires you to possess a Maryland Wear & Carry permit


  6. Texas – requires you to attend class and apply while in Texas


  7. Washington DC – requires a 16-hour training class similar to Maryland’s but by a DC certified trainer


  8. Maryland USCCA link for reference


What’s Next??