MantisX - Dry & Live Fire Training System

At SAFE Firearms Training, LLC, we believe in training, both on and off the range.  But, is it really training if you can't measure your progress?

That is why we use the Mantis X10!  The X10 works on a pistol, rifle, shotgun and even on a bow.

Here is an introductory video explaining the system, provided by Mantis.

SAFE Firearms Training, LLC utilizes the Mantis X10 in our training classes.  When we combine the Mantis tracings with slow-motion video, we can show students exactly what they need to do to improve their grip, trigger press and follow-thru.  We highly recommend students invest in a Mantis X10 for use at home in their own dry fire practice.

If you are interested in picking one up for yourself, help out SAFE Firearms Training, LLC by using our affiliate link. Click on the button below to be taken to Mantis's website.